Sherry's Story

Up until about 2004, Sherry was pretty much a listener when it came to music, albeit, an avid one.  Of course, there was the usual singing along with the radio when in the car alone and before that (way before that!) the occasional singing into the hairbrush, pretending it was a microphone.


That all changed in 2004 when, while living in Jackson, WY, she was paid a visit by the Arlington branch of the Stewart family tree, including her sister-in-law Valeria. Sitting around the campfire one night, in plain view of the Grand Teton itself, she was mesmerized by Valeria's guitar playing. The two sang together, surrounded by loved ones and the great outdoors. Sherry couldn't resist putting her arms around that guitar, and Valeria generously (and patiently!) showed her how to fingerpick "Blackbird". This set Sherry on a musical path that has led to many dear friendships.  Since returning to Virginia, the land of her birth, she and her "sister" have enjoyed many a fine evening honing their Americana sound, with a little help from friends Annie Jones on bass and Jim Nagle on dobro. She has found that there is nothing like the buzz that comes from learning a new riff, singing a new melody, blending a harmony, or finding just the right lyric. She hopes you'll come along and partake of the sounds that have woven themselves into her musical journey.


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Arlington, Falls Church, and Reston,


Upcoming Performances

   February 8

House Concert

Great Falls, VA


May 8

Cafe Montmartre

The Stewart Sisters & The Harley String Band!

1625 Washington Plaza Lake Anne, Reston VA


Debut CD

"Another Place & Time" available on CD Baby and itunes!

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