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Valeria's Story

She was drawn to an old dusty guitar in her grandmother's apartment while visiting family in Buenos Aires at age 11, and learned to play by ear, developing a lifelong passion for the instrument and the music it brings forth. As a shy person, she didn't dare sing in front of anyone. Never too late to get out there though! Her sister in law Sherry coaxed her out of her shell around 2005, and in the process, helped create the unique blend of vocal harmonies that is featured in many of their songs.


Great credit goes to a vocal mentor and 'diva' named Marje Palmieri, a teacher of classical singing technique at the Cantobella Voice Studio in Falls Church, VA, who helped Valeria find her voice through opera.

Valeria has also been part of a duo called Luna, since 2018, sharing songwriting credits with her Luna partner Kathleen Huber. 


What a gift, what a joy, to be able to make sounds that carry us to a different dimension. Music played with friends and family and shared with others is pure happiness. It's a great journey.

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